Narcissism, Psychopathy, Sociopath, call it what you like. The bottom line is they are being vindictive and malicious, they turn it on and off like a tap depending who is watching. My personal theory is that if it was mental illness they would slip up occasionally they would not be able to control themselves in front of social workers and the court room.

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With a plethora of technology and tools at their disposal they can covertly spend decades trying to bring you down using fake social media profiles, multiple mobile phones and VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to work behind the scenes stirring up trouble to try and annihilate you.

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Then they lie with impunity and try to project their hostility onto you claiming to friends and family:-

  • That you are the one!
  • You have never got over them!
  • You are crazy and vindictive!
  • You are bitter and resentful!
  • You are jealous!

When in reality this if their projection of their own state of mind and feelings back to you. More on projection later in my private membership group.

They will secretly contact your friends and family, sometimes using fake social media profiles to make up fictitious stories about you, to try and obliterate every person you have ever known from you life. Vindictive to the MAX!

They are so broken they get mad at you for being whole!!

You can stop it! Yes you heard me, you can stop it!

You can take back you life. You can repair.







Coming soon in my private group, the REPAIR academy.

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