The Greatest Rinser!

Wow, I have heard of “The Greatest Showman” and the “Greatest Dancer” but never before had I heard the term the “GREATEST RINSER” until I was privet to a telephone conversation.

Apparently the term means in the slang dictionary

A man throwing lots of cash at a woman, shouting “Your rinsing me baby your rinsing me, Take it all, rinse me harder!”

Well yes, I can resonate with this term observing the behaviors of 2 particular people who had no problem in rinsing and its not just women who do it. Having been rinsed myself a couple of times by male and female. There are no limits to who is on the hit list to be rinsed. It includes:-

  • Mothers
  • Fathers
  • Husbands (Ex Husbands)
  • Ex Girlfriends (Yes your reading it right girlfriends) plural
  • Ex Wives
  • Ex Boyfriends (and probably current boyfriends)

and who knows who else!!!

I know of some people who use a dating app called “TINDER” to seek out rich and vulnerable, middle aged women who own their own property, unhappy singles and business men and women who are desperate for a relationship. They use the LOVE BOMBING technique to attract people with money, then go for the kill. More on this in my private membership group on Facebook, by invitation only.

So beware when you overhear the term RINSER, hold onto your money, hide your purse, secure your wallets. Be careful what you publish on your dating app.


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