Malicious or Mentally Ill?

Results of a psychological evaluation of Donald showed him to be a stable individual without any mental disorder. Psychological testing showed him as “wanting to avoid antagonistic confrontations” and as “somewhat more forgiving than the average child custody litigant.”  Moreover, his scores did “not suggest any particular tendency to dichotomize people as being for him or against him.” 

Results of a psychological evaluation of Marcia were somewhat equivocal. On the positive side, testing showed that she was empathic, had a high degree of self-control, had a well-controlled temper and demonstrated no significant potential for antisocial behavior.  However, test scores showed, “When she feels threatened, her ideas may be oddly connected and possibly difficult to follow.”  Testing also indicated “persisting difficulties in being able to forgive and forget.”  Marcia was able to hold a highly responsible professional job and was able to take care of regular tasks of daily living. She was, however, manifesting symptoms of a “paranoid personality disorder.”

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