Yes that is what Parental Alienators like to do!! If you are doing well they are so damaged they will try to sabotage anything positive you do with your life.

Can you think of at least 5 things that the alienator has done to you to try and sabotage a special occasion, a new job, a new business, new friends or even new home.

I have had 30 years of it and so it goes on, using anyone, children, grandchildren, relatives and enablers. (A little more about enablers in a later post.)


When I divorced my ex over 30 years ago I started a catering business, and I had an advert running in a local newspaper with a couple of jobs all lined up. Had paperwork printed with my letter headings “GERARDS COUNTRY CUISINE” (went back to my maiden name Gerard) Had menus all ready and stored on a computer, and staff lined up to help me with a Christmas Buffet for the staff at Stansted Airport – quite a large event. My grandmother had died and had generously donated all her kitchen equipment to me and I had collected a large amount of recipe books over the years. My ex had still had keys to the house as the financial settlement still had not been agreed (more about this one later). To my horror when I returned home from work the new computer I had bought for my son for Christmas (with the last of my savings) had been removed from the house with all my menus on. The phone had been cut off and the phone number I was using had been stopped!!!!! (*Before mobile phones).

Later after I had left the marital home, when I went to collect some of my things all my recipe books and grandmothers equipment had been removed.

To my horror I discovered months later that a local girl he had been seeing had a new catering business, and guess what she was called Yes XXXXXXXXX COUNTRY CUISINE with an exact replica of my letterheads. She lived about 3 miles away!!!!


I started doing temping work and secured a long term contact with the “Children’s Society” based in the local town. Yep!! he turned up outside the building in his dirty works van covered in tar shouting out the window with a loud megaphone “hypocrite working for the children’s society whilst not seeing her own children”. Found that one quite amusing as the Children’s Society were well aware of the fact that I spent months with social workers and in and out of court trying to gain access to my children. All the staff watched his ridiculous behavior from the office window.


When I first came to France I started an online business directory which grew rapidly as there were few people doing online at the time. To my horror a loyal customer contacted me to let me know that they had been sent a message through a fake facebook account to say that I was bad mouthing all my customers and that they should not advertise with me. Several other customers then came forward with exactly the same story.

The funniest thing was that the Fake Profile was of a famous actor called David Bark-Jones who starred in the series Jekyll and Hyde!!!!

And do it goes on as we speak, so if you see any rude, obnoxious, ranting, posts about me you know who it is!


I could sit here and write all day but I have a business to run and social media to check and lock down.

So make sure all your social media is friends only and check out anyone with no photo, or suspicious photo.



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