“Parental alienation” is a “crime.”However, it is a matter dealt with not in a criminal court but in lengthy civil proceedings.

The thinking patterns that give rise to parental alienation, more often than not, result in massive emotional and financial harm to a parent and severe damage to a child who loses a parent in the process.

The alienating parent weaves a web of lies while gaining total control over a child. The boy or girl who is dependent on the alienating parent internalizes that parent’s view that the other parent is to be feared and detested. For the alienator, it is about winning and losing while employing any means to an end. Ultimately, a parent-child relationship is irrevocably harmed if not totally destroyed. https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/inside-the-criminal-mind/201902/crime-not-arrestable-act-parental-alienation

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