The Adult Alienated Child

Dont be surprised if the adult alienated child goes through life alienating brothers, sisters, anties, uncles, grandparents and even their own children.


I know this seems absurd but they have been raised by an alienator and have been taught how to cut themselves off from family and friends. They have learnt that it is quite acceptable to alienate anyone out their lives who does not live by their rules.

  • Its ok to be rude, abusive and tell lies, after all its been acceptable for many years throughout their own childhood.
  • So when the alienated adult child lies to the alienator and anyone else who stands in their way they wont think there is anything wrong with their behavior.
  • When an alienated adult child demands money from you, remember that’s what they have been observing from their alienating parent for many years.
  • When they manipulate you to do something you are not comfortable with, again they have had expert teachers in the art of manipulation.

The list goes on and on, taught behavior which has been encouraged and acceptable for many years and will probably continue to do so for many more. I talk from experience over 30 years!

So stop trying to fight against it.

Stop hoping people will change.

Stop upsetting yourself over their behavior.

Start with finding new ways to handle their behavior.

Start with responding in a different way.

Stop wishing and start living.

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