Our Alienator is a Repeat Offender

Dear Serial Alienator,

In 2018, I found it.

There, behind the photo albums and treasures from our trips.

Your white box of secrets.

What it contained was anyone’s guess.

And what it revealed still leaves holes.

Inside that old, dusty cardboard package we learned more truths about you than Jack had known the entire time he was married to you.

In it contained your lies.

Your mistruths.

Your deceit.

Your lack of empathy.

Your tactics.

Your first success at mastering your craft.

Your nondisclosures.

Your history.

Your selfishness.

Your narcissism.

Your manipulation.

Your depths of deceit.

The extremes to which you will go to alienate…

And to think it had sat there all these years.

Containing so many answers.

Right under our noses.

Finally, your secret was revealed …

This wasn’t the first time you’d alienated a father.

Or abused a son.

This wasn’t the first time you’d destroyed a loving relationship.

This wasn’t the first time you’d turned your own child into a weapon. https://parentalalienationspeaks.com/2020/08/07/our-alienator-is-a-repeat-offender/

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