This is what Parental Alienation looks like!

This is a the only photo that remains from the marriage, even the children’s photos and baby photos where destroyed by the Alienator.

The reason I still have it was to show the social workers when they were compiling the report for Bedfordshire Social Services!!

I came home from shopping one day during the divorce (when I was still living with my ex under the same roof with the children because he refused to give me a financial settlement) and found this photo pinned to a dart board.

The holes in the photo are where I was used as a dart board by my ex and my children then ages 11 and 13! This was minor compared to some of the other things they were encouraged to do.

I can laugh now, but this is exactly the sort of behavior social services ignore when you are trying to prove Parental Alienation .

So when someone asks you what does Parental Alienation look like I am sure you have many examples of your own.


3 Comments on “This is what Parental Alienation looks like!”

  1. Mine stuck a post on Facebook to say that she had found all the cards my kids had given me over the years for Christmas, birthday and fathers day while looking for some gift wrap, and commented that there would not be anymore.
    My cards were in my bedside cabinet, the gift wrap in the loft, and all I saw of those cards was a torn up small piece.
    Not parental alienation according to the court.


    • Hi Mike, I will never understand how and why the courts and social services fail to see this.If it was happening in their own families I am sure they would have something to say. I hear stories like this every day sadly. Stay Strong. Linda – Always By Your Side


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