Living with Parental Alienation – 30 years on!!

Hello everyone, I have been running this website for 6 years now as at the beginning there was a lack of information, and lots of stigma attached to label of Parental Alienation.

I am amazed how much it has grown, and how many of you have had the courage to share your stories, and are managing to survive with the lack of help and support available to you.

It is no longer taboo to talk about Parental Alienation and there are many clinical articles out there explaining the psychological disorders that many of the alienating parents have. The difficulty is in getting the help and support from social and welfare workers to perform the necessary assessments, and to diagnose these personality disordered people. It’s only when this happens that we will be able to take the necessary steps to protect our children, and prevent them growing up with their taught behaviors so as not to damage the next generation of children.

Believe me I talk from experience, this is not a hypothetical situation.

The alienation continues to this day and I found the only way to deal with it, without financially and emotionally destroying myself, was to change the way I responded.

I used various holistic treatments over the years which lead me to become a fully qualified Reiki Master. But sadly Reiki alone will not enable you to change your behavior, and your reactions towards your alienated partner or adult alienated children.

Many of you have contacted me over the years with harrowing stories of what you have had to endure, and sadly many people have taken their own lives not being able to cope with the devastating effects of Parental Alienation.

It’s the most personal and hideous kind of emotional abuse anyone can endure, not to mention the financial implications with endless court cases and solicitors fees.

With this in mind I took the decision to spend the past year studying an alternative method of dealing with Parental Alienation, which is to change your way of thinking and how you respond to people and situations

So I embarked on a journey of discovery into, NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy and Counseling and I am not stopping there. I still have 4 more certified courses to complete.

I can help you to recover and change the way in which you respond to situations.

If you want to learn more about changing your reactions and responses to Parental Alienation, just contact me through my contact page on this website.

Linda – Always by your side.

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