Saying Goodbye to Say Hello – Letting Go of Your Alienated Children

Saying Goodbye to Say Hello – Letting Go of Your Alienated Children

Sometimes enough is enough.  You have tried everything, tried everyone and your children remain out of your life and you out of theirs.  Maybe you have now lost contact with them completely.  Depending upon their age, maybe it is time to consider that perhaps they have some choice and responsibility about their relationship with you and maybe it is time that they assumed responsibility for their choices, rather than be a victim.  This applies to you too!

This approach may shock you!  You may not be ready to consider letting go (but not giving up) as an option.  Sometimes the old has to die before something new can emerge.  This can also be true of relationships, especially if you keeping getting the same result, silence or rejection from everything that you try.

Do not read this material if you are not ready!  It may confront you and shock you, especially the sample ‘letting go’ letter. This letter is based upon a real situation.  The author had nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

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