The way is to prepare for risk. The way is to know risk, to identify it, and to respond to it with ruthless, seamless clarity of performance.

It is with brutal honesty that I tell you that these red flags of the damaged woman are a clanging warning of a looming threat of emotional savagery, horrific assaults upon your sanity and self-respect and the deliberate destruction of your manhood and happiness and hope.

You will learn to recognize the red flags of the damaged woman when they flap over the attractive female bent on not just your seduction, but your hidden and terrible destruction.

The damaged woman is an elemental figure of the dark world. She is a predator, who seeks not to heal but to ravage. She seeks not your rescue of her but to prey upon you and consume you the way a hyena consumes a crippled antelope. Cruelly, remorselessly, viciously and without stopping until there is nothing left.

If you are a young man starting out in the world and you are happily splashing in the dating pool, be aware.

You are not in an inflatable safe zone with clean, temperate water. You are in the surf of the dark world, where leviathans lurk in the depths and beasts of strange and terrible purpose await the misstep of the unwary. Pay attention to these red flags of the damaged woman.

If you are a mature man with resources and property and wealth and position, guard yourself.

You are not secure and set and ready to play at leisure in the dating world and select casually from the young women seeking what you have to offer. You are sailing the deeps of the dark world, where the siren song of the blood-lipped mermaid distracts you from the insane shine of murder in her surfacing eyes.

If you are a married man and you have been ignoring the red flags then you may recognize them with growing terror as you read this.

You will have difficult choices to make. You may choose to stay or you may choose to leave. You may be responsible for the damage underneath her insanity or you may be an innocent victim who realizes too late that the pendulum swings closer and closer with each unforgiving arc.

We’ll talk about each situation at the end of this post.

Without further commentary, we will now review these terrible red flags.

The first red flag of the damaged woman is her crazy speed.

In the real world the development of a relationship and trust requires two things. It requires shared experiences and it requires that those shared experiences take place over time. Without that ingredient of time it is not a relationship.

Lust can be instantaneous. Admiration can be instantaneous. Laughter usually is instantaneous and so are charm and first impressions and even the hot, magical thrashing that typifies the first night of mating.

But real relationships take time. That is the rule.

There are no exceptions to that rule in the dark world.

When a woman says “we have something magically inevitable” or that “our love is at first sight” or makes other statements that assume your agreement with the impossible, she is predicating the result on an unstable and damaged aspect of herself.

Love takes time to develop. It exists, and it is a light in the dark world.

It brightens over time and can fill your universe with contentment and joy.  But it doesn’t flip on like a Hollywood searchlight.

Use your head. Maintain your awareness. Rely on the reality of the world, not on what you wish the world was.

If she is moving way too fast – “in a relationship” on Facebook and wanting to introduce you to her children and talking about “our love” and all of this in the first few weeks – you are correct to question the sanity of it.

When it happens way too fast and it feels like a sale you’re not ready for but you notice the saleswoman is already writing herself a check for the new purchase off your checkbook which she suddenly has taken upon herself to hold – you are seeing a red flag.

Flapping in the bloody wind.


Step back.

Embrace the reality of the dark world and know that reality does not change. There is always a reason for a rushed sale. And it is never in your interests to complete that sale under the pressure of an external power.

The Dark Triad Man has an internal locus of control, and does not succumb to the pressure of the hard sale.

Especially when it’s a red flag sale at Damaged Woman Discounts.

He invests in specific, actionable sources of personal power.

The second red flag of the damaged woman is her tale of sadism.



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