Parental Alienation Research Institute

A century and half ago, human beings were sold in auction in the United States, and allowed by the courts. We look back with horror in what was done. If we fast forward another 150 years, we will look back in horror some of the things we are doing today. One of those will be how custody of children is being given to those with significant pathological personality disorders who are able to manipulate and abuse their own children to reject and refuse the other more normal range, psychologically intact parent, along with the blessing of the courts and some custody evaluators. Although it will not take another 150 years for us to get the problem right (scientific evidence is catching up), but at this time children are being abused and their abusers are being rewarded handsomely. 
Three main rewards taken by the alienating/abusive parents are:
1 – Gaining primary, and often full, custody of the child/children, often based upon the expressed, though brainwashed and manipulated child’s wishes, which ultimately fulfills the alienating parents own motives and emotional needs
2 – Gaining a sense of revenge via punishing of the targeted parent under a theme of misperception and delusions, by depriving them of their children and using the children to continue domestic abuse.  
3 – Financial gains via an increase in child support payments from the non-custodial parent. Child support is calculated based on % of time they spend with each parent. 

In the process, these victim children end up at very high risk of suffering from irreversible long-term psychological damage as researched and described by Dr. Amy Baker.
Modern psychological tenets support the notion that, under normal circumstances, children do not reject their parents.  They really only do so when they are psychologically manipulated and induced by trusted adults, such as the alienating parent.
This website is dedicated to the alienated children who suffers daily in the hands of alienating parents and to the targeted parents who are suffering the domestic violence waged upon them, using the most precious being to them – their children – as a weapon. It is to promote research and awareness in this area.  There is an urgent need for funding research in this area and bring scientific rigor to help bring solutions to this serious family problem.

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