The Narcissist Abusive Adult Child

When you discover you are just the same as the Narcissistic parent who bought you up

  • The Narcissist parent teaches you how to be a Narcissist.
  • The Narcissist parent teaches their own child how to be disrespectful
  • They teach you how to cheat and lie.
  • They show you how to have no empathy for anyone.
  • They teach you how to use and abuse and manipulate people.
  • They instill greed and hatred into you.
  • Then they act surprised when you, their own narcissist child grows into a Narcissist adult.
  • Then the Narcissist acts shocked when you start telling lies to your friends, relatives and to you.
  • Then the Narcissist adult child starts to use and abuse you just liked you taught them throughout their life.
  • The Narcissistic adult child has no boundaries, they don’t care if its you or anyone else, they will lie, cheat and manipulate you, as well as their own friends, and even their own children, just like you taught them.
  • You have taught your Narcissist adult child everything you know and now they are using it against you. Now how do you feel?

The lucky ones are the children who had the backbone and strength to move away and have no contact. These are the ones who will learn from their parents mistakes and make something of themselves.

These are the children of Narcissistic parents who will be successful through sheer hard work, NOT THROUGH LYING, CHEATING AND MANIPULATING.

So well done Narcissistic parents, what a legacy you will be leaving behind, what a bunch of sad pathetic losers you are. What useful life skills have you taught your children

But congratulations to the ones who have broken away, seen the light, and are full of love, empathy and have self respect.

You are the winners in life.

Linda Turner

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