How to Expose a Narcissist In Court

It’s so important with knowing how to expose a narcissist in court that you showcase this person’s behaviour rather than try to convince people that this person has a personality disorder. This is done by keeping documentation, being calm and clear with your evidence and sticking to the facts that can be backed up.

Narcissists love trying to intimidate you and gain narcissistic supply in court settings. Therefore, don’t address the narcissist or their lawyer, rather speak to the judge. Don’t sit in the courtroom where eye contact can happen with the narcissist. Ignore their or their minion’s attempts to intimidate and disarm you in the waiting area before walking into the courtroom.

The narcissist is most likely to get triggered, unravel and expose themselves the calmer, detached and directly ignoring them that you are. Loss of power to the narcissist means a severe narcissistic injury where they may explode with irrational and even delusional behaviour or turn on someone else, their own lawyer or even the judge, totally exposing themselves.

To learn more about this you can watch my Thriver TV episode 6 Things To Look Out For During Court Battles With A Narcissist.

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