Q. Is It Possible to Fix Narcissism? A. No

The answer depends solely on the narcissist. There are some aspects that can be changed and then there are some that cannot. There are three components to the formation of narcissism: biology, environment, and choice. The fourth element of support reinforces the narcissistic behavior.

  • Biology: DNA contains genetic characteristics that define the individuality of a person. A quick glance at the family tree often reveals some of those common traits within a family unit. Personality disorders do run in families. Even when a person does not have the disorder, the familiarity of it increases the likelihood that they will marry someone with one. This further perpetuates the disorder within a family unit.
    • Solution: DNA cannot be changed. However, when a person knows that high blood pressure runs in the family, they can take action to avoid hypertension. The same is true for narcissism. This is not easy however because it is so contrary to the superiority belief which is a defining characteristic. Yet, their egotistic attitude propels a narcissistic person to believe they can overcome anything including the disorder itself.
    • Example: One of the best ways to expose the family narcissistic traits is to have the narcissist do a family tree. Many narcissists like to think that they are unique even within their family unit. By showing them that no one in their family apologizes or empathizes, their natural desire to outdo others within the family causes them to want to change this aspect.

Source: Is It Possible to Fix Narcissism? | The Exhausted Woman

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