Is It Possible to Fix Narcissism? | The Exhausted Woman

Stacey was frustrated by her adult 35-year-old son with two failed marriages (everything was the ex’s fault), five career changes (his bosses hated him and wanted to get rid of him), a couple of DUIs, and now living back at home. No matter what happened, other people were to blame for his relationship and career failures. Stacey was sympathetic but exhausted from the constant drama in her son’s life.

As part of the agreement for her son living with her again, he committed to helping with the yard work. But when Stacey asked him to take down the holiday decorations a month later, he exploded on her calling her names and treating her abusively. This was not the first time he reacted this way but lately, it seemed to be more of a pattern rather than a one time event.

Stacey stumbled on the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and believed her son displayed all the characteristics. But the big question was: can he be fixed?

Source: Is It Possible to Fix Narcissism? | The Exhausted Woman

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