If you’re forced into suppressing your emotions from a young age, due to an emotionally unavailable mother, it can often lead to the onset of mental health issues such as eating disorders and various addictions. It isn’t uncommon for these behaviours to develop from around the age of twelve or thirteen with the switching out of one bad habit for another as you progress into adulthood. One of the most well-documented paths is the adoption of restricted eating patterns, which, over time, can lead to becoming a full-blown workaholic later on in life to distract from unwanted emotions. Even the experience of boredom, which might otherwise be thought of as harmless to the average person, can be seen as something that must be shut out, completely. One of the other big challenges for those who’ve suppressed their emotions is love or sex addiction, which unconsciously serves as the means for the emotionally neglected child to experience the closeness they never felt growing up.


Anxiety tends to be the result of a combination of factors, including a lack of confidence, which in itself is borne out of the limitations your mother might have placed upon you in childhood. And no matter how skilled you become at suppressing your emotions, it is almost impossible for you to shut out the effects, completely. Due to your impressionable nature as a child, you may likely have internalised the negative voice of your mother, which has stayed with you long into adulthood, second-guessing your every decision, causing you to doubt your self-worth and contributing to your ongoing feeling of anxiety. This can be directly attributed to not being able to express your feelings earlier on in life and thereby develop the emotional intelligence, which would allow to you think and act with more confidence around others.


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