Teaching a child to HATE

Lots of people have a kind of empty hole in their soul — I call it “the self vacuum” — it’s a place where their true self ought to be, but it’s missing in action. So, there’s a hole there instead.

This hole causes anxiety, a kind of perpetual “who am I?” that makes the individual uncomfortable. In order to stop the anxiety, folks will cling to whatever happens to catch their eye, and say “ok, that’s me!”. Often this means implicitly joining some kind of identity-forming group: a political party, a religious sect, something that gives them an identity.

It’s a cheap solution. Lots and lots of people are selling cheap identity… “just agree with us, and you’ll have lots of friends and you’ll know who you are”.

Now, most cheap identity has to be maintained by disliking something. You have to whip the faithful up into a kind of froth, so as to sharpen the difference between “us” and “them”. That way, the group identity survives and has a kind of energy to it. You gotta hate something. The more you hate something, the more you exist, the less of a “hole in the soul” you feel.

It’s about filling the self-vacuum with something that serves as at least a kind of substitute for “I know who I am”.

Of course, this is total trash as far as identity goes — that’s not true self at all. But, it’s better than the empty hole for a mind that isn’t too enquiring. And of course you would pass this identity — and its hatred — on to your children, so they don’t have to wonder who they are


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