Why are some people full of hate

The mind of the hater

No i am not talking about a special case where someone hates you because of a certain reason but i am talking about cases where a person seems to hate you for no specific reasons. If you did a bad thing to a person , such as embarrassing them in the presence of others, then it would make sense that they hate you but the question is: why do some people hate others for no reasons?

In order for you know to understand the behaviour of those people we first need to examine the way they think together. Before a person becomes a hater he actually becomes a coward.

In psychology a coward isn’t the person who runs away from a fight but he is the one who runs away from his own life goals. By saying the words ‘running away’ i am not referring to the process of consciously putting a goal aside but i am referring to the one of unconsciously trying to evade responsibility.

When a person develops such an attitude he will always try to solve his own life problems by avoiding them, denying them or distracting himself so that he never faces them.

Now even though this person might have never met you before he is now 100% ready to hate you. See also how to identify haters and mean people.


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