How to Recognize a Psychopath

Their eyes are dead and lifeless.

Look carefully at the eyes of the notorious serial killers like Bundy, Gacy and others. Caught on video and in photographs, the images reveal a chilling aspect of every psychopath: dead, flat, lifeless eyes. It’s like there’s no one there behind those eyes, a being who inhabits a body but has no real humanity. This, despite being externally cheerful, charming, upbeat and positive.

Psychopaths often speak in a monotone voice.

It’s almost impossible to rile the psychopath enough to get him or her to raise their voice. Another common trait is that psychopaths routinely speak in a monotone voice. The rise and fall of inflection in most people’s verbal delivery is a sign of emotion. A psychopath doesn’t care and has no real emotion.

They lack empathy.

Empathy is a positive emotion, something you’ll never find in a psychopath. They simply cannot feel another’s pain, nor do they care to. As editor J. Reid Maloy writes in The Mark of Cain: Psychoanalytic Insight and the Psychopath, psychopaths display emotional detachment, severe narcissistic psychopathology, and minimal anxiety.

They will, however, respond to displays of extreme anger and fear, because they can exploit those emotions, not that they ever feel bad about causing them. On the contrary, they relish doing so.

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