How Do You Build Emotional Resilience?

What Are We Feeling?

Right now, the whole world is feeling a sense of grief. We are grieving our loss of normalcy.

What Is Shock?

Shock is the feeling of utter disbelief.

What Is Anger?

Anger is when you feel pain, resentment, deflection, and the urge to blame the given circumstances on someone or something.

What Is Numbness?

Numbness occurs when you feel stuck, isolated, and shutdown.

What Is Release?

The release is when you find a way to put your negative energy to good.

What Is Acceptance?

Acceptance is when you have fully come to terms with the situation at hand.

How Do You Build Emotional Resilience?

Good practices to build emotional resilience are good diet, regular exercise, mindfulness, meditation, and other healthy mediums.

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