Parent Counseling: Parent-Child Conflict:

Why Is Parent Counseling Beneficial To Both Parents and Children?

Parent counseling is beneficial because it provides you with an outside view of what is going on within the walls of your home. It provides your family with a non-biased, third-party professional, who is trained to improve the relationship you experience with your child. They can look into your parenting styles and compare it with the level of your child’s developmental behavior. They can provide insight to improve the relationship based on what they find.

What To Expect From Parent Counseling

Parent counseling can be a strong tool when you find yourself facing significant conflict in the relationship you have with your child. It can help your counseling experience if you know what to expect when you go in. We will discuss what you can expect from parent counseling below.

Parenting Styles

Most parents recognize that their child has a will of his or her own around the time the child begins to learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills. What the parents may not realize is that the source of conflict does not necessarily arise when a child first communicates opposition to a parental command or a rule. On the contrary, it may arise out of how the parent addresses the child’s opposition. We will look into these various parenting styles and how they affect the conflict below.

One style of parenting is called Authoritarian. These parents typically feel they have the final say, and that “no means no.” Authoritarian style parents often have difficulty adjusting their composure when their child is having a bad day experiencing a developmental milestone that brings defiance.

Another parenting style is Authoritative. These parents are more democratic in their disciplinary approach. They recognize the value of balancing their relationship with the child, viewing their child with unconditional positive regard. They demonstrate empathy, acceptance, and understanding. They often view discipline as a teaching opportunity.

Aside from these two parenting styles, parents vary in style across the world, as well. Children from different countries grow up under different parental expectations. If these children are brought into American culture, more conflict can arise as they realize they are treated differently at home when compared to their peers.

Family dynamics can also affect parenting style. Single parents may find themselves feeling incredibly isolated when they are at odds with a child. Although this is normal, it can also be very painful for the parent.

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