Gender ideology cannot replace human biology.

We hear many tragic stories from adults who were alienated as children. We work alongside as many alienated mothers as we do fathers. Like other forms of domestic abuse, it is not a gendered issue, nor ever has been.

Only yesterday a brave and beautiful survivor told us of her abuse at the hands of her mother and step-father which destroyed her childhood. She had effectively been abducted from her biological father. He didn’t know where she was. He was unable to protect her.

He was unable to protect her from repeatedly being made to stand in a bath of cold water for hours while forced to eat bars of soap. ‘Punishment’ for wetting her bed. A clear sign of her trauma yet further traumatised because of it.

Or her mother taking the newly baked meringue she proudly presented and smashing it over her head, instead.

Her tragic story made me cry.

When we continue to allow ideological narrative to distort facts, we cannot protect all children.

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