Elements of a Malicious Prosecution Case


People are now quite knowledgeable about their rights. While this is a good thing, a few people are abusing the law to bring malicious claims against others. You thus might find yourself dragged to court one of these days as the defendant in a personal injury case. Being the subject of a civil or criminal case is not just emotionally but also financially draining. Moreover, your reputation might be tarnished permanently, whether you are found guilty or innocent.

If you suffered any injury to your spinal cord, ask a lawyer based in Lynnwood to file a malicious prosecution case. Malicious prosecution denotes a civil or criminal lawsuit filed against you without sufficient evidence or for an improper cause, such as harassing you or ruining your reputation. At times, you can be sued as the scapegoat in a genuine personal injury when you had little to do with it. In these instances, the law allows your malicious prosecution suit to address and prevent the abuse of legal processes. Here are the elements that apply to your case.




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