How to Expose a Narcissist to Others | Psychologia

Focusing on your own recovery, seeking support, working with a therapist, meeting new people is a much better way to release hurt and emotional pain.


In the narcissist’s mind, the worst thing you can do to them is to ignore them.

Breaking free and ignoring them is the ultimate revenge.

The only time you should be worried about how to expose a narcissist to others is when you are facing the narcissist in court, in which case you should be documenting abusive incidents.

It could be

  • text messages,
  • calls,
  • voicemails,
  • emails,
  • in-person conversations,
  • medical reports of injuries,
  • pictures of injuries from the abuse,
  • broken objects,
  • any other relevant information.

The narcissist mustn’t know about the documentation. Keep it safe at a friend’s or family member’s house or your workplace.

Depending on where you live, laws may differ about what type of evidence is permissible in court.

It’s wise to talk to a legal advocate or an attorney to prepare your case correctly and stay safe.

Source: How to Expose a Narcissist to Others | Psychologia

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