The wrong reasons to go No Contact

People ask many questions regarding the No Contact Rule, but one common trend is that a lot of victims approach it with the wrong mindset.

They view No Contact as a revenge of sorts. They want to hurt the narcissist. They want to make them miss them, regret everything they have done and come back crawling.

While understandable, it is immature thinking and a sign that the victim isn’t ready to heal.

We go No Contact to finally break free from the narcissistic abuse, to regain our life and restore our mental and physical health.

  • It is not meant to be used to manipulate the narcissist into changing his or her ways and being with you and you alone.
  • It is not one of those relationship games people play to satisfy their ego.

Be honest with yourself because your future literally depends on it. If you are looking for a way to hurt your abuser or tame them, you are not willing to end your relationship with them. And if that’s the case, you are not ready to heal.

Source: Narcissists and the No Contact Rule | Psychologia

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