The Narcissistic Abuser and the Parental Alienation Counterclaim

When a mother claims abuse in the Family court and the father counterclaims with Parental Alienation, the abuser’s allegations of Parental Alienation become the judge’s focus, and accusations of abuse by the victim can then help the abuser’s position since the abuser claims these accusations are alienating behaviour. This result’s in the evidence of abuse not being given the weight it deserves and the real alienating behaviour, and other abuse, not being sufficiently explored.

The judgment given can result in one of the cruellest miscalculations of justice, and it is happening at a worryingly high rate.

The judgment can result in;

  • The healthy, safe parent having contact time reduced

  • The healthy, safe parent losing the residency order

  • The traumatised child getting forced into direct contact or into the residence of their abuser, against their wishes.

  • The healthy, safe parent feeling suicidal. They are overwhelmed by feelings of loss, grief and helplessness. They may now face financial ruin and may have lost their home in the process too.

  • The narcissistic parent now attempting to alienate the child further, from the parent who has fought to the ends of the earth to protect them from abuse.

  • The victim getting gagged by order of the court.

Imagine the narcissist’s delight, at having accomplished revenge on such a grand scale, on the ex who caused their ego its most significant injury. Imagine the devastation of the loving, safe parent, who’s greatest mistake in life was to fall for a cruel individual who preyed on their weaknesses. Imagine the distress of that same parent closing their eyes every night, knowing that their child’s abuser is free to continue the abuse. Think, for a moment, of the terrified child.

The resulting injustice for the female victim in the Family Court due to the misuse of ‘Parental Alienation’ is deplorable and would make headlines if society were allowed to hear about it. Brunel University, London propose further research and to carry out an international study on the extent of this significant problem, and the response to it in courts around the world. This study would be valuable to those actively seeking a solution in the UK.

With narcissism infiltrating our society, and the number of abuse cases rising rapidly, the Judiciary must address this issue soon. Abusive parents and those with extreme narcissistic traits are a threat to children, and those children must be protected. The narcissist’s willingness to psychologically torture their child to maintain power and control is shocking. It is no wonder children withdraw from, and seek to reduce contact with, these parents. The narcissistic perpetrator’s skilful ability to mask their true character and portray themselves as a victim should be a grave concern for those seeking to administer justice.

The number of confirmed cases of Parental Alienation, as a counterclaim to abuse in the UK, is currently unknown. Still, one doesn’t need to look far to find the victims who have suffered gross injustice as a result. Traumatised and silenced parents, who have lost parenting time with, or custody of, the very children they sought to protect are in their thousands, on groups on social media, worldwide. Groups such as ‘The Court Said’ headed by Natalie Page are snowballing and gaining the support of journalists, law and medical professionals and politicians.

Society is ‘onto’ the dangerous abuser’s who counterclaim Parental Alienation; one would hope the Judiciary will now catch up.

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