Narcissists Use Projection to Manipulate You

If nothing else works, a narcissist is more likely to “go for the jugular” by assassinating your character and making you seem like the lowest of the low. And if you’ve ever experienced this before, then you might know just how bad the side-effects can be. When a narcissist partakes in this, it could be out of vengeance or to impress and win over others who might not be positive towards you. The important thing is to not panic. You didn’t work so hard on being the best version of yourself just to be taken down by a person with low self-esteem themself.

5. They drop the act the moment they have you where they want

The moment you look to them for guidance or validation, their whole nice, sweet person act will just drop. They know now that you’re dependent on them for all of your emotional needs and they see that as the reins to hold you hostage. It’s when you try to resist that the situation might become dangerous for you. When they are caught in the act, they won’t just leave quietly. They might just confuse you enough to make you keep them around. That is why it is essential for you to be firm in your decision about cutting them out of your life.

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