Ways You Stay Stuck In Your Own Toxicity And Won’t Change

I was inspired by the bravery people demonstrated in being willing to recognize how they were poisoning their own lives and relationships, and slamming the door on happiness, success and joy. And I saw more clearly how wounds from our childhoods and early years carry over to dramatically color our ability to feel and experience joy, reward and success in our current careers and personal lives.

In the years that have passed since that post, I’ve expanded my coaching work to offer more personal transformation and healing work, drawing on what I learned as a family therapist in the years after my corporate life. Recently, for instance, I launched a Facebook group for adult children of narcissists called Thriving After Narcissism, and every single day I connect with people who’ve been wounded by narcissism, and also who are suffering from their own toxicity, and want the poison to stop.


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