It was never your fault

Many of us child abuse victims grow up believing it was our fault.

We were just “rebellious” or “bad” and therefore deserved the abuse.

Some of us will believe we were never abused but loved.

We will make excuses for our parent such as “Oh, she was a single mom so that’s why she acted like that”.

And some of us will compare our abuse to other horror stories and say it wasn’t that bad.

For many years I minimized my parents’ behavior and compared it to children being tortured and locked in closets.

I just thought I was the blame for the sexual violence, constant belittling and hitting.

Abusive parents can make us feel at fault for their actions.

They can make us feel guilty and responsible for how they treated us.

If we hadn’t done that one thing then they wouldn’t have acted like that.

The reality is that it is never your fault.

You were simply a kid responding to your environment.

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