The Triarchic Psychopathy Measure (TriPM)

The Triarchic Psychopathy Measure (TriPM) is a 58-item, self-report questionnaire designed to measure psychopathy in terms of three distinct phenotypic constructs (Patrick, Fowles, & Krueger, 2009): boldness, defined as the nexus of high dominance, low anxiousness, and venturesomeness; meanness, reflecting tendencies toward callousness, cruelty, predatory aggression, and excitement seeking; and disinhibition, reflecting tendencies toward impulsiveness, irresponsibility, oppositionality, and anger/hostility. Each construct is measured by a separate subscale. Subscale scores are summed to yield a total psychopathy score.

Specific Instructions:

In the “Protocol” text below, a bracketed [F] appears following some items to indicate that the item is reverse-scored. Instances of [F] should be deleted from the protocol for purposes of administration. A manual for a description of the psychopathy elements and instructions can be found in the Psychiatric Working Group supplemental information: [silink[120000″>Triarchic Manual


Triarchic Psychopathy Measure (TriPM):


This questionnaire contains statements that different people might use to describe themselves. Each statement is followed by four options:

[ ] True [ ] Somewhat true [ ] Somewhat false [ ] False



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