Reflections on Life

As I heal I am learning that I don’t miss “some” people.
I have learned, during time spent in introspection, that the people I don’t “miss” are the ones that have / had a track record of “using me”.   

  • Those people who whenever I was with them, I came away feeling emotionally drained.  
  • Those who left me feeling exhausted and I felt relief to get away from!   
  • Those where the time apart is restorative and so I remained relieved not having to deal with them.  

Those are the people that I have discovered that I don’t miss them when I don’t see them.  Not only that when I do think about them I feel this negative shudder about anticipating seeing them any time soon.

Renate Dundys Marrello 2019 – 01 – 18

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