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Ex going on holiday with new girlfriend and our children

Hi im hoping you can give me some advice please.
me and my ex partner split up last year and have an 8 year old son. The split has been quite hard on our son, and as a result is very sensitive.
My ex through out the last 10 months has said he was single, so it came a big shock when he announced just last month that he has been in a serious relationship for 6 months and had introduced our son to her. She has a son also.

We have just been to court as he was on not on the birth certificate (his choice) and therefore no parental respoisibilty. At court i agreed to a lot of the things he was demanding. However he wants to take our son on holiday for a week with his new girlfriend and her son. I have said no, as 1) i dont know this girl and 2) i think its too soon.

My solicitor said it would probably go in his favor and would be allowed to take our son on holiday. I am on no circumstances going to allow this to happen, even if the court says he can. Maybe next year if they are still together then i would allow them to do so.

What would happen to me if the court said he could go but i refuse to let him go? someone mentioned that i could be fined or even end up in prison for a month.

during the 10 years of which me and my ex were together he had never wanted to do any of the family stuff, so i guess that hurts. My ex has asked to take our son on holiday to holland to see his family (just him and my son) and i have agreed to this.
Like i have said my son is very sensitive and finds it hard that me and his dad are not together anymore. Am i being unreasonable when i say its still too early for him and his new parnter to take our son on holiday?



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