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What types of emotional blackmail are there?

Forward and Frazier identified four different types of emotional blackmailers. These are:


Punishers will threaten to directly hurt the person they’re blackmailing. They might stop you from seeing your friends, or withdraw affection, or even physically hurt you if you don’t do what they say.


Self-punishers will threaten to hurt themselves as a form of blackmail, and will tell you that it will be your fault if they do.


Sufferers will blame you for their emotional state. They’ll expect you to comply with their wishes to make them feel better. They might say “Go out with your friends if you want, but I’ll spend the whole evening feeling sad and lonely if you do.”


Tantalizers won’t make direct threats, but will dangle the promise of something better if you do what they ask. So they might say “I’ll book us a holiday if you stay home with me this weekend”.


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