What happens to your benefits when your child goes into care or lives with someone else?

My child is being looked after in the care system – what will
happen to my child benefit, tax credits and other benefits?
3.1 Child Benefit1
 Your child benefit will normally stop once your child has been in care for eight
weeks in a row, although there are some exceptions to this rule (see paragraph
 If the only reason your child has gone into care is because of their disability then
the information at section 6 below will be relevant to you.
 The consequences of losing child benefit for your child tax credit, housing benefit,
and income support are set out below.
3.2 Child Tax Credit (and Universal Credit if applicable):
Your right to get child tax credit for a particular child will stop as soon as that child goes
into care2
. You should therefore:
 Tell HMRC (the tax credits office) that the child no longer lives with you and when
they moved out. You may have to pay back any child tax credit you have been
paid since they moved out. If your child is in residential accommodation due to a
disability, however, see section 6 below.


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