Children and dependants overview

Children and Dependants Universal Credit Overview

Universal Credit includes an extra amount of money for each dependent child who lives with you. This is called the child element.

Who counts as a dependent child is the same as in current benefits and tax credits. Broadly, if you are able to claim Child Benefit for a child then they should be included in your Universal Credit claim.

When are 16-19 year olds dependent?

Whether children aged between 16 and 19 are included in your claim depends on whether they are attending or enrolled in full-time non-advanced education or on approved training. If they are not in education or training you may not get the child element.

You may not be able to add a child to your claim if the child is claiming another benefit in their own right.

What happens if you share responsibility for a child

Only one person can get the child element for a dependent child. If you share responsibility for a dependent child with someone else, for example an ex-partner, you must both decide which one of you has main responsibility.

You will be asked for information if:

  • you claim Universal Credit for a child who doesn’t live with you
  • the child goes to live with someone else
  • someone else claims Universal Credit or Child Tax Credits for the child

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