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What is the Illusory Truth Effect?

Bias: Why we are more likely to believe that something is true if it is repeated to us enough times.

Why we are more likely to believe that something is true if it is repeated to us enough times.

Illusory Truth Effect is the positive feeling that is experienced when we hear information that we know is true is similar to the feeling that occurs when we hear information we have heard before.

Why is it important?


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As a result, repetition is often conflated with validity. This explains why certain beliefs such as “Humans only use 10% of their brains” are still widely considered to be true today, despite the large amount of evidence proving the statement to be false. The illusory truth effect was introduced in 1977 in a research paper describing a study by Lynn Hasher, David Goldstein, and Thomas Toppino. It now plays a significant role in various fields. For example, in politics, if information about a candidate is repeated often enough, many voters will believe it is true. This type of manipulation of information can be used in essentially any industry in which public opinion is important.


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