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Why PAS Children Could Pass a Lie Detector Test

Why PAS Children Could Pass a Lie Detector Test

PAS children BELIEVE the frivolous, malicious, deprecating accusations they
concoct against their targeted/alienated parent. I am absolutely convinced that they
can pass any lie detector test without batting an eyelash. Just observe them and you
will agree.
Why is this so? To begin with, these children must create accusations in order to
justify their unwarranted deprecation and rejection of their targeted parent.
Because it is so anti-instinctual to hate and reject a parent, a rationale must be
invented. The rationale becomes a delusional system that justifies how they
maltreat, marginalize, and reject their alienated parent. This is just one reason why
alienation is such a terrible form of psychological child abuse: creating a delusional
system is a form of psychosis! Think about it: would it not be palatable for a child to
reject an abusive parent? But to the contrary, how do you justify rejecting a
competent, loving, supportive, and involved parent?
The question then becomes why PAS children are so susceptible to the
brainwashing of the alienating parent. This is also a no-brainer: it is virtually
impossible for a child to reject and contradict a parent upon whom they are so
dependent. Sometimes the alienating parent is the nonresidential parent. In those
situations, these children are bribed for their allegiance. What child can resist the
offer for all sorts of electronic goodies, the biggest being YOUR OWN AUTOMOBILE!
Let us not forget the sagacious comments of Christopher Barden, Ph.D., J.D., LP,
(2006) psychologist and attorney, having received two national research awards in
psychology and a law degree with honors from Harvard Law School:

Click to access why_pas_children_can_pass_a_lie_detector_test.pdf


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