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ACES Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and Parental Alienation

Child victims of severe parental alienation (e.g. victims of pathogenic parenting) are at high risk for many medical problems later in life, according to a landmark study from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) called the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study ACES.

Severely alienated children (e.g. victims of pathogenic parenting) have an astronomical ACES score of at least 5 out of 10, possibly going as high as 6 out of 10, by scoring one point for each the following: 1) divorce, 2) emotional abuse, 3) mental illness in the family (e.g. borderline or narcissist) 4) emotional neglect (role reversal relationship), 5) domestic violence (the DoJ says DV includes “damaging one’s relation with his or her children” …. and “forcing isolation from family/friends” ) and  6) there may be false allegations of something that could put someone in prison, which arguably counts for at least another point, especially if they are in jail after being arrested on a false allegation. Or the erased parent may be put in jail after falling slightly behind on child support, which is way higher because they are erased, and the abusive alienating parent got custody.

These problems are also somewhat consistent with observations from the American Psychiatric Association on disordered parenting.

Read the information from the CDC (Center for Disease Control):
As the number of ACEs increases so does the risk for the following:

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Fetal death
Health-related quality of life
Illicit drug use
Ischemic heart disease
Liver disease
Poor work performance
Financial stress
Risk for intimate partner violence
Multiple sexual partners
Sexually transmitted diseases
Suicide attempts
Unintended pregnancies
Early initiation of smoking
Early initiation of sexual activity
Adolescent pregnancy
Risk for sexual violence
Poor academic achievement
The American Psychological Association (APA) notes that Child Psychological Abuse is as harmful as Child Sexual Abuse, based on landmark research of long term outcomes.
Further, as noted in an APA Journal, it is simply a logical fallacy that an alienated child does not need help, just because things appear to be going well.

Things get worse when bystanders collude with the delusion and incorrectly assume that the rejected parent is somehow either inadequate or abusive. This includes therapists, lawyers, GALs, judges, neighbors, friends, and extended family.

See also Amy Baker’s article on parental alienation and ACES


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