I’ve Retired from the “Good Girl” Game.

She swoops in with judgments and shame to rescue us from the risk that non-compliance represents to our actual well-being. In a world that was only just waking up from the oppression of the feminine, and now appears to be deep diving back down into its dark ages. But at her core, in her deepest self beyond her body and its many manifestations of mind, she’s not fucking sorry. She’s not sorry for refusing to take your shit for you, anymore.

She’s not sorry for protecting herself from a world where being a difficult woman means bracing herself, either in 100 subtle movements a day, or one massive explosion of her force, against those who seek to control her through games of violence. Who demand her complacency and inferiority. Who ask, in their varied attempts at control, that she go back to sleep and play small to appease their malignant egos.

She’s not sorry for cutting you out of her life and never looking back, when she sees you are an active part of that world and refuse to take responsibility for your own behavior—regardless of your gender identification. Because she is done playing your scapegoat, either way, or taking responsibility for your chosen downfall. 

I’ve Retired from the “Good Girl” Game

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