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The Brain

Medical professionals have know for a long time that stroke victims brain “re-wires” its self with therapy. Your thoughts can also change your brain.

When you learn new information and new skills your brain changes. Learning to learn is very important and not every one learns the same way. Some styles are better than others for different people. For example some people need to see the whole picture in order to start absorbing the information properly while others need more of a step by step approach. It’s important that you work on your learning skills and identify what works best for you quickly in order to make it as efficient, easy, and enjoyable as possible.

Learning new skills, new subjects, new games, and playing a variety of games, improving your skill level and intensity, pushing yourself and your comfort zone to learn things that are not familiar to you and that are different will all help to enhance your brain. More examples of skills you can learn are learning a new sport or a new dance, a new language, more vocabulary, and a new musical instrument.

You can also improve or train your logical thinking, creativity, strategic and analysis thinking, problem and puzzle solving skills, pattern recognition and detection, power of deduction, categorizing and comparing skills.

The brain changes or can be changed. Other example are the cab drivers, see the above video, who’s brain memory areas have increased in size and in another study people who had been sleep deprived brain MRI was similar to that of a psychotic person. Psychological disorders, like depression, can also be induced.

Multiple Intelligence Theory

Linguistic intelligence

Logical and Mathematical intelligence

Musical intelligence

Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence

Spatial intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence

Naturalistic intelligence


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