Drug use in the family

International household surveys and other population estimates suggest
that approximately 10 per cent of children live in households where there is parental alcohol abuse or dependence and/or substance dependence.
International research indicates that parental substance misuse is a key
feature of families identified by child and protective services. Although figures vary considerably, it is notable that most studies suggest that at least half of families identified by child and protective services have a profile that includes 
 parental substance misuse.
Based on the number of children aged 12 years or less living in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2004), we estimate that 13.2 percent or 231 705 children are at riskof exposure to binge drinking in the household by at least one adult.
Another 2.3 per cent or 40 372 live in a household containing at least one daily cannabis user. Finally, 0.8 percent or 14 042 live in a household
with an adult who uses methamphetamine at least monthly and reports
doing so in their home.


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