Reviewing the Drama Queen

This is the second of seven articles that deal with personalities,
personal style and trouble getting along in the workplace. Click
 for an archive of the entire series. Each of the personality
disorders discussed includes at least three elements. First, the behavior
patterns are both inappropriate and painful to the self or to others.
Second, the maladaptive patterns are substantially unaffected by external
inducements to change. And third, little by little, the patterns create
problems for the organization and for co-workers. The workplace effects
of personality disorders and styles are initially more subtle than the
effects of such more overt problems as depression or alcoholism.

The previous installment dealt with the obsessive compulsive personality.
Subsequent installments will discuss antisocial, paranoid, borderline,
narcissistic and passive-aggressive traits. All are adapted from the newly
published book, “Mental
Health and Productivity in the Workplace: A Handbook for Organizations
and Clinicians
,” edited by Jeffrey P. Kahn, MD, and Alan
M. Langlieb, MD, published by Jossey-Bass (a Wiley imprint) and noted
in publications as diverse as HR Magazine, Inc., and the New York Times.

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