Erasing Family Documentary About Child Custody After Divorce

The film follows young adults fighting to reunite with their broken families. It took years for the filmmakers to find young adults willing to go on camera to tell their stories as many did not want to talk about being brainwashed to hate a parent after a divorce, due to shame. Family courts are often overwhelmed with cases, and few protocols exist to help these families, forcing them to fight for custody instead of helping them to be co-parents. Yet there is a happy ending as these broken families are being reunited on screen, which will inspire other children to reach out to their own erased parents. It also highlights how showing the reforms to make separation of the parents healthier is urgently needed.

“Joint Custody is still not the norm, and many bar associations oppose making it the default option as there is a lot of money to be made in custody battles,” said Gentile. “Right now, only one state, Kentucky, has such a law passed in 2018.”

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