CAFCASS is a major source of injustice for children and APs.  Make no mistake about that.

The reasons are these.

Firstly, the training of CAFCASS officers is woeful.  Courses in PA are only optional.  And the uptake of these courses is lamentable – only 2% of caseworkers take this course (  Well, Mr Douglas of CAFCASS says that CAFCASS officers are very busy – but not too busy to attend courses on reclaiming their expenses – the uptake for those courses is rather better [link to]

Second, CAFCASS is institutionally gender-biased.  In July 2017, CAFCASS produced a report

.  Leaving aside a critique for the moment, it is deeply concerning that CAFCASS chose to involve Women’s Aid, but not one group that represents men.  The problem is not just the report itself, but in the narrowness of the consultation.

Third, CAFCASS are only now waking up to PA, despite it having been around for thirty years in its current form.

Fourth – Wishes and Feelings Reports

These are a waste of time and money in PA cases, for the reasons we describe in our case law introduction page, and should be abandoned.  We should judge a child’s capacity to consent to their estrangement from you using something like the Gillick test of competence.

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  1. My texts and emails to my kids were all intercepted by my ex, and when I went to a big football match at the last minute after managing to get a ticket, I posted some photos on Facebook. A couple of days later she posted that she had shown my post to our son, who was a fan of the same team, and it had upset him so much because I didn’t take him, it just showed what a poor Father I was, and had driven him away from me even more.
    The reason I couldnt take him to the match was because we couldn’t sit together, and there was no way that I’d let my young son sit in a stadium of 40,000 people.
    Boxing day I recieved texts from both of my kids saying the same, no card or present, thanks for nothing.

    All in my evidence to caffcass,which I emailed to them, they called me a couple of weeks later to say that they had spoken to my kids and as I’d not tried to contact them, they didn’t want to know me, she then asked where my statement was! I told her it was in the 4 emails I sent her, which she initially denied receiving until I reminded her that I had replied to one of her emails to me so I knew the email address was correct, she then ‘found’ the emails.
    Later, when I had calmed down I asked her if she would go back to my kids and tell them that I had been trying to contact them, my wife had told them that I was going to kill them, so I didn’t approach them myself.
    No reply to my email so I emailed a complaint email in, later that day a call from her supervisor, who said that it would alienate them from their mother if they were told, but that they would definitely be at court, he then asked if I wanted to make a complaint, I said no as all I wanted was for my kids to know.
    Section 7 report done, no mention of PA, it just said there had been no contact, not why.
    No surprise to find that my kids weren’t at court either, I know now I was lied to, in order to stop me making a complaint, as when I tried to make a complaint about being lied to they wouldn’t accept it initially, and then when I informed them that I had recorded the supervisor telling me, who denied saying it, they threw back at me some legislation to say that they didn’t investigate anything done covertly.
    Complaint about them completely missing PA, they just said there was no sign of it.


    • Hi Mike

      An all too familiar story. Sorry to hear about your situation. I have spoken to many of my colleagues recently during the lockdown, and collectively we have come to conclusion that trying to fight PA is emotionally and financially draining. I have spent tens of thousands of pounds over the years and now my children are adults and it continues!!!! Social Services are only interested in fostering children out and this appears to be their answer to everything, they have very little training or experience regarding PA. I know of a social worker recently put on a case who is young, single and fresh out of University, they may be fully qualified but have zero life experience or knowledge of PA!! My best advise to you at this time is to move forward and stay strong. Take a look at some of the Richard Grannon videos on this site, I am sure you will find them enlightening. Dont waste too much money and energy fighting PA. I wish you well. Linda

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