Paranoid personality disorder

‘They’re out to get me!’: Evaluating rational fears and bizarre delusions in paranoia

The nature of any personality disorder is a long-standing psychological and behavioral pattern that differs significantly from the expectations of one’s culture. Such beliefs and behaviors typically are pervasive across most aspects of the individual’s interactions, and these enduring patterns of personality usually are evident by adolescence or young adulthood. Paranoid personality disorder is marked by pervasive distrust of others. Typical features include:

  • suspicion about other people’s motives
  • sensitivity to criticism
  • keeping grudges against alleged offenders.8

The patient must have 4 of the following symptoms to confirm the diagnosis:

  • suspicion of others and their motives
  • reluctance to confide in others, due to lack of trust
  • recurrent doubts about the fidelity of a significant other
  • preoccupation with doubt regarding trusting others
  • seeing threatening meanings behind benign remarks or events
  • perception of attacks upon one’s character or reputation
  • bears persistent grudges.8


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