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PASG Parental Alienation

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FAQ – How do you know it is parental alienation?

The Five-Factor Model helps to distinguish parental alienation and parental estrangement.

FAQ – How does an alienated child behave?

There are 8 common behavioral symptoms of parental alienation.

FAQ – Is an alienated child mentally kidnapped?

Yes, the alienated child is mentally kidnapped and brainwashed.

FAQ – Is parental alienation child abuse?

Yes, mental health and legal authorities everywhere consider causing severe parental alienation to be a form of child psychological abuse.

FAQ – What about “listen to the child”?

Severely alienated children do not give reliable explanations of their feelings and opinions.

FAQ – What about DSM-5 and parental alienation?

The concept of parental alienation is in DSM-5, but not the actual words.

FAQ – What are alienating behaviors?

There are 17 common alienating behaviors.

FAQ – What is Parental Alienation Awareness Day?

See what happens every year on April 25.

FAQ – What is parental alienation?

Here are some general definitions and descriptions of parental alienation.

Handling Parental Alienation as a Medical Emergency

Parental Alienation More Resembles a Medical Crisis Than a Divorce Proceeding. Triage is Essential.

Parental Alienation: Reading and Resources for Practitioners and Professionals

This is an overview of parental alienation, with references, prepared by Dr. Sue Whitcombe, a psychologist in the United Kingdom.


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