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The British Are Humorlessness Cranks Who Hate Other People’s Success? | Anglophenia | BBC America

  • Ricky Gervais says he feels more comfortable in the U.S. because we embrace the rich and famous: “I actually feel more normal here. In America, success is celebrated. America knows the difference between a reality show and De Niro. In England it’s: ‘You? Success can’t happen to a person like you!’”(Daily Mail)
  • French footballer David Ginola has a different perspective from Ricky’s: “England is a country of opportunity and money seems to be more important for you. If you have money you will buy a Bentley and a nice house and you don’t care – success makes you a leader. But in France if you drive a Bentley people assume you must have stolen the money from somewhere.” (Telegraph)
  • Steve Coogan says he’d love to bring Alan Partridge back to TV, but he likes proving he can be successful in other roles. “The more that that happens, the more I get endorsements for other things, especially work in America. The more I do that, the more likely I am to come back and do something with Alan because then it becomes something I do because I want to, not because I have to. I’ve got plenty of ideas of what I might do with him but I’m keeping them on the backburner until I decide what I should do.”(BBC)
  • French & Saunders bid adieu after 30 years.(Daily Mail)
  • Some lucky kids get a behind-the-scenes look at Doctor Who and Torchwood.(BBC)
  • Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy explains why recording sessions with producer Brian Higgins (of Xenomania) didn’t work out: “We thought it’d be great to collaborate with a total ‘pop’ producer but we realized pretty quickly that it’s not our world; we’re not really a ‘pop’ band.”(NME)
  • Divorce makes Madonna cough.(The Sun)
  • X Factor judge Cheryl Cole was “incandescent with rage” (!) after Louis Walsh voted off her favorite contestant, Laura White.(The Sun)
  • The Daily Mail “exposes” Cheryl Cole‘s family: “While Cheryl is personally dressed by fashion designer Matthew Williamson, Gillian (who recently gave birth to a baby boy named, rather colourfully, Keric) lives in frayed jeans and tracksuits accessorized by gaudy jewelery which owes more to Argos than Tiffany. Indeed, the one thing the sisters have in common is a track record of appearing in court charged with brawling in public. But Cheryl’s and Gillian’s convictions pale into insignificance when compared with the track record of their brother, Andrew, an alcoholic glue-sniffer who has clocked up more than 50 court appearances and spent a third of his life behind bars.”


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3 thoughts on “The British Are Humorlessness Cranks Who Hate Other People’s Success? | Anglophenia | BBC America

  1. With International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination coming up next month, I hope people remember an article like this when they read about stamping out stereotypes.
    Those stereotypes are often a way we make the world simple enough to understand. So long as we are aware that the typing may be wrong, and that it cannot apply to every individual, stereotyping has its uses.

    The idea that the British hate other people’s success is well out of date. As a stereotype it possibly was true in the 1960s and 1970s, the height of far-left socialism in the country. At that time, it was a common meme that in the USA a worker sees the boss driving a fancy car and thinks “I want one of those”, whereas in the UK a worker sees the boss driving a fancy car and thinks “he shouldn’t have that”. These days, wealthy people in Britain – particularly those seen as self-made millionaires – are celebrated, with positive media articles and even with television shows. It is a better country for it.


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