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Behind closed doors

That’s why they have success manipulating new people and especially the public because they will get not close enough to the NPD ever,the only people that see through that facade is the family members,suppose,because they have spend a really quality time with them,because a NPD gets bored fast so he will drop that facade no matter what sooner or later.

It’s EXHAUSTING to be a narcissist. Public supply requires a lot of effort.

They always want the most supply at the lowest cost. It’s easy to abuse their loved ones “behind closed doors” and maintain that supply. Not only is it effective with a codependent (their preferred victim), but it eventually creates a Stockholm syndrome situation.

Because they are predators and want to be seen better than they really are. Their goal is to make the public think that they are the sweetest Hufflepuffs around but once others find out there is something wrong with them or that the narcissist abuses their partner, the narcissist always strives to be seen as the victim, not an abuser.

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