The Law of Karma

What is good Karma and how can we earn it?

-Be positive
– Self respect, responsibility for one’s own actions and respect for others
-All of us make mistakes, however, it is important to correct those mistakes
-Offer forgiveness
-Share knowledge
-Be compassionate
-Search for wisdom
-Spread love and harmony
Follow your inherent nature and perform your duty without worrying for the results.

How do we avoid bad karma?
There can not be a universal or rigid definition of bad Karma on religious or moral grounds. Don’t let anybody decide what is good or bad for you. We must understand that any action taken against one’s inherent nature is bad Karma. Any action which registers in your consciousness as wrong, any action which brings a feeling of hurt, pain, guilt or unworthiness in you is bad Karma. Act without seeking the fruits of that action and do not surrender to the desires of the enjoyment of our senses.

Can we escape this karmic cycle?

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